Jumpsuit for the Day

Stripes again!

This outfit has both my loves together in one. Love for jumpsuits and love for stripes. Its a stripe season for me. My friends call me the jumpsuit girl as whenever there is a party I always opt for a Jumpsuit and I have my reasons. Read below to see why Jumpsuits are the best thing.

Comfort First- For some reason, I find jumpsuits very comfortable. Probably because they are loose and tight at the right places. Although it’s not a preferred clothing choice when I am out for a drinks party. Getting in out of it in a public loo is a nightmare. But still, I love it.


Easy to style- When in hurry or when I don’t really want to put in much effort in my dressing, I always go for a jumpsuit. There is no tension of what do I pair this top with or what do I wear these pants with.  Jumpsuits are a complete package. Just wear that one thing and you are ready to rock that party. Even on an errands day or work days when I am late I always go for a jumpsuit. Like this blue one which is casual and trendy.


Figure flattering- I find jumpsuits very figure flattering and elongating. They always cinch in at the right place, just at the waist. Give the figure some curves. Never seen a jumpsuit unflattering on anybody. Jumpsuits tend to make you look elongating as it gives an illusion of longer bottom torso. Like this one where the pants start from above my actual waist. The vertical stripes give my legs an elongating look.


Monochrome look- I love a good monochrome look. I usually tend to go for jumpsuits with the same colour top and bottom mainly because it looks like a proper jumpsuit then and also because it gives an elongating look. Makes me look taller.


Jumpsuit- Forever21 (buy similar here), Shrug- Thrifted, Bag-Mini so, Slip-on Sandals- H&M (Buy Similar here)

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