Stripes and Colour

How much do you love stripes and how much do you love colours?

To be honest I am not a colour person but I do love stripes. I only use to wear black or earthy tones. So much so that my friend always used to complain about my all black outfits. But lately, I have been wanting to experiment so much that I was ready to go out of my comfort zone too.

I saw this Gucci inspired (or a dupe) sweater from Forever 21 and oddly enough I was being pulled towards it. Once I tried it on, I was completely in love with it and you know it when something is so good. I really thought it was something different than the usuals of dark autumn shades, Plaids and checks.


Since the sweater in itself is so statement I wanted to pair it with something plain but at the same time something unique to do justice to the sweater. Hence, I wore it with a leather skirt with a slit on the side.


Adding the right accessories is so important to bring the outfit together. Since the Blue was the most dominating in the sweater, I used that as the base and paired it with my blue heels. The three layers of straps on the heels add that perfect drama to the outfit.



I paired the outfit with a black glitter clutch and Silver Coin hoops. Adding a bit of metal with leather is always a good idea. If you want to add different textures and make an outfit stand out you should always add a metal.

What I am wearing:

Sweater and Coin hoops- Forever21, Skirt- H&M, Heels- Jabong (Dorothy Perkins), Clutch- Colette by Colette Hayman Australia


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