Sneakers and Dresses


I love mixing up things when it comes to styling. One of my most favourite and flattering things to do is mixing up a girly silhouette with a sporty accessory or vice-versa. These days I am all for wearing sneakers with girly dresses.


This is a very easy style to pull off and I feel very comfortable too. It is a very relaxed and effortless way of styling a dress. Any silhouette will be great for this kind of styling. You can take any dress and just change your shoes, the entire outfit will look different.


For this white dress with a bow tie in the front, I did not want to wear heels or flat sandals. The outfit already has lots of elements to stand out on its own. To keep things casual and different at the same time, I decided to pair it with white sneakers. Immediately the outfit looked different and trust me the most comfortable thing too. I could comfortably walk it to the restaurant for lunch with my friends in this outfit.


What I am wearing: Dress- Stalk buy Love, Shoes- Superstar by Adidas Originals, Bag- Gift from Sister


For the second look, I chose a yellow stripe dress. Its one of my favourite colours to wear. I chose pink shoes to go with it as I love the combination. It keeps the outfit from blending in and looking monotonous.



For the accessories, I decided to pair it with a beige bag to match the stripes of the dress, with a gold chain to match the gold on the shoes. To complete the look, I wore my Micheal Kors Watch with pink dial and gold band.

What I am wearing: Dress- Miaminx from Jabong, Shoes- Rubi, Bag-Aldo, Watch Michael Kors




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