Chloe Perfume Review



It’s an old scent and an old favourite of mine. I bought this when it first came out in 2016 and ever since I have finished 2 bottles of it. Its one of the perfumes that I love so much that I had to go buy another bottle.



The scent is very soft and feminine with notes of roses, peony, lychee and freesia. Its also got hints of honey, amber and cedarwood. The smell is beautiful and simple making it very versatile and suitable for numerous occasions. The scent can be worn to work or a party even.


The packaging of the brand truly reflects the style of the brand. The designer took the inspiration from the sleeves of a delicate Chloe blouse which explains the lines on the bottle. Also, the blush colour ribbon tied on the neck of the bottle makes it look very feminine and sophisticated.


Although one downside of the packaging, I must say is the silver part on top which has the brand name engraved on it. only after a few days, it started to change colour as if it was made out of pure silver. But no, it’s not. Other than the packaging of the bottle is really good.


Even though it’s an EDP, the scent lasts for quite a bit. The smell lasts me an entire day and sometimes it also tends to leave behind little traces on the clothes for a few days. I have got a lot of compliments for this scent from my friends.

Overall, I fee its a beautiful scent and I feel that everyone should own it. Its one of my favourites and that’s why I wanted to share it with you all even though it released 2 years back.

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