Things To Do in Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu is a Culturally and Naturally diverse city of Nepal. It offers quite a lot for travel enthusiasts. The people of the valley are very warm too, making it a must visit place. I only visited Kathmandu because I wanted to soak up on its atmosphere. So in this blog, I have tried to give you the top 10 things to do in Kathmandu encompassing the culture, heritage, architecture, spirituality and shopping.

Stay- The Hyatt

Starting with the most important part of the trip, which is the stay. I feel it’s really important to stay at a good place when you are travelling because when you look back and think about your trip to the place, the first thing that you will always remember is the hotel you stayed in. And if your stay is not good then the entire experience and memory of the trip are ruined. So, for this reason, we decided to stay at The Hyatt.

The property is beautiful and massive. The architecture of the hotel is done in the traditional Nepali way with intricate woodworks on the roofs. The rooms are massive and hold the same architecture. The first woof of the culture can be experienced here at the hotel upon arrival.

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  • Chandragiri Hills– Situated 40 mins away from the city. This destination provides the most spectacular views and the most thrilling ride. The top of the hills has a very famous Vishnu Temple and to reach the top you have to take a cable car ride for 12 minutes. The top of the hill has cafes and food stalls too so you can spend a good time there. Visit the temple and stop by for lunch on top with spectacular views. From the hills, you can even see the Himalayas but since we went during the monsoon we could not experience that. But the cable car ride through the passing clouds and the beautiful temple on top made up for it.


  • Monkey Temple- This one is situated very close to Chandragiri Hills. You will see it on the way. We first visited the hills and on the way back stopped at the Monkey Temple. The reason it’s called the Monkey Temple is quite obvious. The moment you enter the temple you are greeted by monkeys. They are used to the people around so they are very friendly.

At the entrance of the temple, there is a Buddha Statue in the middle of the pond where people offer coins and wish for Peace in their lives.


What I am wearing– Dress and Denim Jacket- Marks and Spencers, Shoes- CAI, Bag-Sports Girl (Australia)

In the temple, there are a lot of shops where you can find handicrafts and handmade trinkets. It’s a beautiful sight to see as the beautiful colours of the shop adorn the temple. I bought some cute trinkets for myself too.


  • Pashupatinath Temple- Its the most famous and sacred temple of the Hindus which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. If you plan to stay in Hyatt then its just 10 mins car ride away. We could not visit the temple as we wrongly planned the visit for Monday. The queues were very long and according to the locals, we would only get our turn in 3hrs. We did not have enough time as it was our last day and we still had two more places to visit. So when you plan the visit make sure it’s not on a Monday.
  • Boudnath Stupa– This is the oldest, largest and the most sacred Tibetian Stupa outside of Tibet. It is the centre of the Tibetian culture located in the town of Boudha in Kathmandu. Its 5 mins drive from The Hyatt. The Stupa is surrounded with handicraft shops and cafes around it.

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The Stupa premises have lots of pigeons around and you can find vendors selling food to feed the pigeons. Its a marvelous sight to see them all together flocking around.

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The Stupas in Nepal have big bells like these which give such a majestic feel to the place.

DSC00723 copy

So the Stupa is right in the middle of the compound and around the stupa are shops and cafes. So you can just walk around and chill at a cafe and spend some time at this serene location.

DSC00652 copyDSC00691 copy

What I am Wearing- Top- Forever 21, Pants- Ether, Shades- Topshop, Neckpeice- H&M

  • Patan Durbar Square- ITs one of the three Durbar Squares and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the old Palace ruins which is converted into a museum now. Also it has a famous golden Temple and is surrounded by cafes and stores.IMG_7652IMG_7639IMG_7562


What I am Wearing- Dress- Zara, Shoes- CAI


Another plus point of staying at the Hyatt is that the casino is in the hotel. Take some time off and chill in the casinos for the evenings. Play some games and enjoy the local food served in there. There are multiple casinos in the city. you can try a few and see the nightlife. See how the locals chill.


There is plenty to shop in Nepal:

  • Buy Pote- The traditional bracelets and necklaces made out of glass beads worn by the local married women.
  • Shop around the Boudnath Stupa and the monkey temple for handmade trinkets and handicrafts.
  • Nepal has a lot of stores which sell Korean beauty products. Also, it has a store called Miniso which is a Japanese brand and has everything from makeup to home decor.
  • The area around Boudnath has a lot of cute clothing stores if you are looking for trendy pieces.


When in a different country, you have to try their local cuisine to experience the best of their culture.

  • For Dinner and Hookah- try Trisara at Darbar Marg


  • The buffet at The Hyatt is amazing too with a mix of local and international cuisines. Their live barbeque and Pasta counters are amazing. You also got to try their room service. Relax an evening and enjoy the room. Order room service and enjoy being pampered by the hotel. Their presentation is amazing which leave you feeling Royal by the end of it. To see what I ordered you can view it on my story highlights on Instagram. Stylside
  • For the Local thali and Momos try this place called Dal Bhat. The Veg Thali is amazing and the momos are to die for. (My mouth is watering while I write this!) They have an outside sitting are where you can sit and enjoy too.


Hope you enjoy the Blog!




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