Unexpected​ Moments


The unexpected, the spontaneous, the moments that seem like magic are the moments of life that keep me going. If you ever have the opportunity to make a rash decision then Just Do It! Life is too short to worry about planning each moment to try and make it perfect. Because what happens to the moments of life you hoped would always exist that one day disappear, unexpected and unplanned and you are left with the exact opposite of what you thought your life would be. Take advantage of being happy, live life, do things, fall in love, talk to people, smile, break rules.

Well, that was a heavy start to the blog. Now that being said, this post makes me so happy cos I stumbled upon this beauty in the midst of the city and instantly fell in love with the architecture. There and then I decided to take pictures and share it with you.

The white denim I am wearing was something out of my comfort zone but nevertheless, I was too excited to try on this look. I love these trousers from the brand ‘Ether’ (Buy them here) This cut was something I have been wanting to try from quite some time. I love the fit of these and love the elongating effect it gives on the legs.

I decided to pair it with my yellow t-shirt which I love and got it from Zara. The t-shirt says ‘Don’t Forget to Sparkle’ with black glitter. It makes me happy every time I wear it. I like the combination of Yellow against white.

Since the tee has blue piping on the sleeves, I paired the look with blue strappy heels from Dorothy Perkins (Buy here). The heels bring the whole look together. To complete it I wore my transparent bag from Shein. It has round wooden handles and I love that about it.(Buy here)








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