Red Pants in 5 ways

For some people, red pants are a versatile and a must-have in their closets and for some, they are the most difficult to style. Personally, I love a red pant in the closet and can style it in many different ways.

I am gonna show you 5 different options of how I usually style them. Hope you like it and show me how you styled your red pants by using the #stylsideredpants on Instagram. Any comments are also welcome in the comments section below.

Enjoy the pics:)

  • With an Off Shoulder Polka Dots Top




  • With a Denim Shirt- This is my favourite combo with the pants. I feel you cant go wrong with this ever. Wear a light was for the day and a dark one for the night.




  • With a Green Shirt- Another one of my favourite colour combination is with a military green shirt. The dark and bright combination looks so good. Victoria Beckham style!




  • A Pink Top- Always like the combo of pink and red. Also, this combo is trending at the moment. From the streets to the celebs! I have paired it with red shoes which is the same red as the pants. To keep everything else muted, I paired it with a beige bag and a nude lippie.


  • A classic white shirt-


  • Leather Jacket- The edginess of a leather jacket against red looks really very appealing. For chilly evenings this works the best.



  • Red on Red-  I love wearing a red suit. Especially if its the perfect blood red. Personally, I love the combination of Red Suit, A white tee and Sneakers. But here I have styled it with a polka top and tie-ups.


  • _DSC0022_DSC0003


Pants- Zara, Blazer-Mango, Black Tie-ups- Steve Madden, Polka Top- Sarojini Nagar, Denim Shirt- Lee, Blush Pink Top- H&m, Green and White shirt- Both from M&S.


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