Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Shine


There will be times when you will face problems to pull you down and to keep you moving ahead towards your Goals. And all you would want to do is give up and give in. But that is the time when you be strong and don’t let anything slow you down. No matter how much anyone tries to break you down, don’t give in. Take a moment and think where you have reached and why you even started in the first place. What are your Goal and where you have to reach?  Get up and be the best version of yourself. You will realise that all the other things happening around you and all the people around you who want to pull you down, suddenly won’t matter at all.

Remember what your goal is and keep moving towards it and don’t let anyone bother you and NEVER allow anyone to dull your shine.

So that being said, put a big smile on your face and put on the best outfit you own and go out and work towards your GOAL!

Enjoy the pictures 🙂

IMG_7390 2

IMG_7385IMG_7322 2IMG_7407 2IMG_7346

What I am wearing:

Patchwork Dress- Zara, Shoes- Dorothy Perkins, PVC Bag- SheIn, Heart Earrings- Forever21



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