Maybelline X Gigi Collection Review


So I got my hands on the new Maybelline X Gigi collection after all that hype in the market. First I thought I would only buy only a few products from the collection just to see how I feel about the range and if I would really go back to buy the remaining products from the collection. But the makeup junkie in me could not stop and I ended up buying almost everything other than the kajal and the two nudes (Mc Call and Taura) as they are very pale for me. I used all these products continuously for 3 days before writing this review to see how they wear. So let’s find out!


The packaging of the collection is in Blush Pink in matte with a holographic print of the name and the signature of Gigi Hadid which actually makes the collection look really posh and sophisticated. The packaging is of good quality and the colour choice is right on trend.

Eyebrow Pencil 

IMG_5863_Facetune_04-02-2018-16-14-11The brow pencil is my most favourite in the entire collection.They come in two different shades for the Indian skin tone. Dark Brown and Brown. Both these shade work well for the Indian skin tones.  These are quite waxy with not much pigmentation, which actually works really well to keep your brows in place and you don’t have to be extra careful while applying as you are not putting a lot in one stroke. It’s very easily buildable without making the brows look fake. It stays on for a good whole day. I used mine for the nights out and it remained the same throughout the night. I loved the angled shape of it which makes it so easy to apply. I went for the Dark brown but if you have coloured hair you should go for Brown.

Quantity: 0.2 gms, Price: INR550

Liquid Eyeliner

img_5868_facetune_05-02-2018-22-34-54.jpgAt first, when I tried the liner on my hands after buying it, it was very dry and hardly any product came out. I had to scribble on my hand just like one would do with a pen just to see how smooth it is. After multiple strokes, the product came out. Maybe it was just one spoilt piece in the lot because I haven’t heard of anyone else with the same issue.


The black is not the blackest black but it is easily buildable and stays put for a good 7-8 hrs. The tip is not a felt tip but its very soft and bendable like a brush. The tip is very precise so you can draw fine lines with it and glides on pretty smooth on the eyes.

Tip: After using the colossal kajal as a liner, use the Gigi eyeliner on top to get a long-lasting, smudge-free blackest black.

Quantity: 0.5gms , Price: INR499

Fiber Mascara


This was the product that I was most excited to try on. Its a dual sided mascara with fiber on one side and mascara on the other. The fibres are very light and airy so you have to be really careful while putting it on as it goes off into the eyes. The fibers don’t really stay on without a layer of mascara. So for this, you have to layer your lashes with a coat of mascara first and then fibers. Once on it gives you a good result.

To be honest I wasn’t very happy with the mascara as Maybelline has better ones like the Lash Sensational Mascara or the Pushup Drama. But at the same time, this is a good dupe for other fibre mascaras which are double the price.



Saved the Best for the last. The collection has two light nudes, a darker nude and three reds. They are said to be matte but are actually very creamy. They glide on very easily and are very well pigmented. With one stroke you get a good amount of colour. They stay on for 3-4 hrs but transfer everywhere on the cups, straws, glasses. But the good thing is that they fade evenly. The three Reds are amazing colours.



Lani- is red with a tinge of orange. This one I felt is little more creamy than the other two reds.

Khair- is warm toned apple red.

Austyn- is a cool-toned dark red and also my favourite Red.

Erin- My most favourite shade out of all. A very wearable and different shade which makes it a must to have in your lipstick collection. A taupe purple with grey undertones.


Quantity: 3.9 gms, Price: INR 550

Maybelline is soon launching Pallets in this collection. Waiting to try those too. Go ahead and try this collection. I think its worth it.

Do let me know what you think about it in the comments.




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