Reasons to miss Winters


FullSizeRenderI know a lot of people don’t like winters cos they can’t bear the cold or they don’t like multiple layers on them. But for me, there are so many reasons to love winters (or any other season actually). Even though I live in Bangalore where we don’t experience much cold unlike the Northern parts of the country but cos I keep travelling back and forth, I experience the best of both kinds of weather. As we gradually step into spring it makes me think of all the reasons why I love the winters and why I will miss it.


IMG_2411Sleek Black Boots

This winter has seen the trend of knee-high boots and as much as I love boots and its something to look forward to during the winter months I did not want to invest in one. Because as I said I live in Bangalore and don’t experience much cold here. But at the same time, I love the way boots look and wanted the same. So instead I decided to pair my knee high socks with my ankle boots.  I know, I know u can never have enough shoes but, it just worked out fine for me. So all you ladies who do not want to spend on knee high’s, don’t worry you’ll do just fine without them.


I am not a knitted kind of a person. I like my hot chocolate and my different varieties of hot teas in the evenings and this is one thing I am gonna miss and wait for it to come back again next year.

Layers and Colours

I love the autumn-winter colours and the entire transition to these. When the trees start to wither and the leaves change to shades of red, yellow, orange and brown. I love the idea of layering during the winters. There is so much more you can do with an outfit.

Smell of Bonfire

Just lighting a bonfire and sitting around it with family and friends.

Comfort Food

Winter is otherwise also known as the season of eating. If there s one thing that I will miss about winters is the comfort food and the fact you can still eat a lot and hide it under the layers of clothing.

Hugs and Snuggles

The joy of hugging your loved ones and sitting in front of the bonfire with a cup of hot chocolate and lots of comfort food. Winters means lots of Hugs and Snuggles.

Dogs in Sweater

Dogs wearing sweaters is one sight that I am gonna miss. They always look extra cute and adorable to me in their sweaters.

What makes you happy in winters and what are you gonna miss the most about it? Let me know in the comments.




Top, Skirt and Socks- H&M; Blazer-Only; Boots-Forever21; Bag: Guess


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